JUICE DJ Quest..

As requested by Fuzz a.k.a Coolers Club President (wtf), I’m going to blog about the upcoming Coolers Club event, which is JUICE DJ Quest 2006..

- Heineken Music presents JUICE DJ Quest is back in its fourth year in search of the next big thing on Malaysian decks. If you think you have what it takes to taste-make like Gilles, mix and toss like Diggers or drop it like it’s mad hot Grandmaster Flash-style, then sit up, crack thine knuckles and pay attention. Five finalists will bring their music artillery and sonic bombs to battle to become Malaysia‘s newest DJ superstar and earn the title of Heineken Music JUICE DJ Quest 2006 Champion – Taken from the website..

For further info, you may visit JUICE DJ Quest 2006..

You can register yourself to participate in the competition..

Or you can just simply sign up for FREE invites to witness the DJ battle with your own eyes..

The date is on 1st of September 2006, Friday, venue at Zouk KL, from 9pm-12 midnight..

Outsiders (non-members of Coolers Club) are welcomed to tag along with us..

And oh..DJ Benny Benassi is coming to town in October 2006, at Ruums Bar and Club..For further info, always keep yourself updated with the news at ruumsclub.com..

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