Astro Talent Quest 2006..

Well..Not really a fan of those Astro competitions (coz I didn’t subscribe to Astro)..

Yet, I got to watch this Astro Talent Quest 2006, and in the year 2002 and 2004..

This year’s competition won by this guy named Anthony something (whatever)..

The 1st runners-up is Andrew Tan, a guy from TARC (not that Malaysian Idol Andrew)..

As a TARC-ian myself, I don’t really fancy this guy coz whatever competition he entered in the college, all the girls went berserk..

And oh..Personally, I don’t know this Andrew guy..Just met him several times at the canteen where rehearsals or gatherings were being held..

For sure, he’s goddamnit famous in the college..Well, I’m not envy or jealous with the fame that he has, but I just don’t like it, I mean, him..

I had enough of TARC-ian in beauty pageant contest, TARC-ian in singing competition, TARC-ian in whatever it is, you name it..

I don’t know why I’m so bias against this TARC-ian thingy..I myself is also a TARC-ian, my sis is, my friends used to be..

Anyway, that’s all for my TARC-ian rants..

Am waiting for pics from Fuzz to blog about Hennessy VSOP event at Zouk KL yesterday..

Astro Talent Quest 2006..

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