Taynton’s Fish Ball Noodle..

I guess many of the diners out there knew about this shop long time ago..

Perhaps I’m kinda late to talk about this shop here..It has already appeared in a number of press recommendation..

It’s the Taynton’s Fish Ball Noodle, Kedai Makanan Jin Man..

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*Kedai Makanan Jin Man*

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*Along the shoplots at Taman Taynton, Cheras*

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*The entrance, the cooking place*

You can see them preparing the noodles at the entrance..It’s quite hard to get a park your car there..

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*The cashier..Pay at the cashier*

Just tell them your table number, and you’ll get to know the hefty price of the food you have eaten..Hahaha..

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*2 shoplots together*

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*The Fried Fish Cake*

I have to say this Fried Fish Cake is absolutely a must..It’s very crispy and the taste of it is so damn nice when u dip it into the chilli sauce..

But it’ll cost you RM 5 per plate, like this..

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*Yummy yum delicious*

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*The Dried Fish Ball Noodle*

The noodle is ok..But the fish balls are very nice..It feels bouncy on every bites of it..

Other than normal mee, mihun, and kuey teow, they served some kinda special dish of theirs, the tang hoon, as in tung fun in Cantonese..

The price of it is above normal price, where my Dried Fish Ball Noodle, big-sized, costs RM 4..
The tang hoon costs slightly more than RM 5..

So if you have only RM 10 left in your wallet, try to avoid this shop..Hahaha..

A plate of Fish Cake = RM 5, Fish Ball Tang Hoon (big) = RM 5.30, and a drink = RM 1.50..The total would be RM 11.80..

When I was eating there, there were 5 patrons checking the bill for their table..

For just 5 person, they spent a massive amount of RM 15 for each of them, totalled up roughly RM 75, in that non-aircond shop..

With RM 75, you can get Pizza, KFC, McD, or whatever it is..

Anyway..This place is recommended if you are looking for a new place to have your lunch at Cheras area, if you haven’t eat in this shop before..

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