Rest In Peace, My Beloved Mom..

To all my friends..

My mom was certified dead on 27th of April 2006, at 4.05pm, in PPUM..

We are having the funeral ceremony at my house, Taman Kobena, Cheras, from 28th – 29th of April 2006..

In case you want to come over to pay a visit..Come over starting from Friday afternoon or evening until Saturday midnight..

The coffin will be going out to the cemetary for cremation on Sunday morning..

Anything..Ask around and call me on my mobile phone..

Thanks for all the supports and concerns all these while..

And of course thanks for the condolences..

Everyone take good care of yourself..I’m fine, no worries..

Til then..See ya guys around..

If some other readers wondering..Refer to Have A Good Rest, Mom and The Reason Of It..

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