Tagged.?!?! Kena-ed.?!?!

I really have no idea what is this thing here all about..

But since I have been tagged by William Leong..And Brian also kene tagged..What the heck..

And sad to say that I was tagged on Friday morning..Now only I know..Hahaha..

So here goes the chain-blog-entry-thingy since I have nothing to write during my relaxation holiday..

Hahaha..Chain-blog-entry-thingy..Nice name huh..Hehehe ;-)

Rules and Regs:

  1. The first player of this game starts with the topic “five(5) weird habits of yourself.”
  2. The tagged needs to write an entry about their five weird habits and state these rules and regs clearly
  3. Then choose any number of people to be tagged and link to their web journals.
  4. Since it’s a free country, you can choose whether or not to leave a comment in their web journals about this survey. If you don’t, then just hope they happen to pass by your blog to know that they have been tagged.
  5. Enjoy knowing that you’re not the only one with weird habits.


  • Similarly to the person who tagged me, I too like to add up car number plate numericals..But mine is different..

I’ll see whether the sum-up numbers are dividable or not..Or, I’ll try to come out with a nice number..
e.g – 1234..1+2+3+4 = 10..Hence..It can be divided by 5 or 2..

Or..1234..If I minus 1 from 4 and then add up to the number 1..I’ll get a car plate number with 2233..Hahaha..Sounds funny huh..But that’s my habit when I’m riding on someone else car..

  • Bcoz of my self-acclaimed nice hair *mind you*..I like to ‘play’ with my hair most of the times, like any girls..I would brush my hair with my fingers so that they won’t get tangled..

And I just like to flip my hair to the back so that my shoulder or neck won’t be annoyed..

  • I like to press on my fingers joint to make those crack sounds..I know many of you do..How bout your neck.?? How bout your toes.??

Ooh.?! You do.?? How bout the knee.?? And elbow.?? Umm..Ankles.?? Or..Backbones.?? Hehe..Sounds freaking huh..

Wait til you heard those cracking sound on my neck yourself..Muahaha..

  • I like to scratch my eyes..Ooh.?! You too.?? How bout touching your eyeballs.?? YA.!! IT IS EYEBALLS BALLS.!! NOT KENNYSIA‘S COCONUT BALLS.!!

And using my little fingernail to scratch the inner part of the bottom part of the eyelid..YA.!! INNER PART OF THE EYELID.!! NOT INNER THIGH YOU SCUMS.!!

  • Since I owned my Nokia 7610..I LOVE to snap photos no matter where am I..The only coward time was during PC Fair..Just too afraid to snap pics of the show girls..

Hence, my normal blog became some-what people called photoblog..It just add up the fun of reading with pics within it..

So..How’s that..We are talking bout weird HABITS..Not weird ACTIONs that you can do..Not weird enough.?? Hahaha..

What the heck..I’ll just tag you since you read my blog..Hahaha..
Tag list : -

Umm..I think that’s all for my weirdo-dido habit..Enjoy venturing your own weird habits and also others habits..
Need to continue my Saint Seiya TV Series..Hahahaha..

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