Janice – Tai Ko (Big Brother)

I would just say I love this song very much..Should I say another master-piece.??

Or should I say I love Janice’s songs.?? Muahahaha..

Her voice is just so nice to hear..

Janice – Daai Goh / Tai Ko (Big Brother)

Yue gwoh
Hing mooi seung ching taai doh
Sing bat hei hei foon ngor faai yin gau who ngor
Je yi sing
Paak toh

Ngoh ching
Ji gei dik jan taai doh
Dong nui gung naam mei bin ngoy lui
Bat man gwoh
Ji yin moon git gwoh

Moot yau ho gam jam wooi
Seung chan seung ngoy
Daai goh ji si yim sik

Nang jo dui oi lui
Doh lok sing pang yau
Sui sum sik

Ngor yew ngoy ching
Bat sui yiu dang dui
Bat sui dan nei wan huiy

Hing mooi jan yau chui
Bat sui yiu fan gui
Mong gei booi fan joi jui

Ngoh yiu ngoy ching
Chui wai sai gaau ya
Bat sui yat goh jong gui

Seung leun dik jing qui ga si yiuw jaang chui
Wai yau yeuk ding who daai goh hot jui

Chang ging seung sau jap yat beng cheung
Seung bik gung nei yat chong ngoh who nei
Who ngoy sui moot yau
Ji seung

Yue gwoh leun oi bit sui chong seung
Seung ne yik ming baak do
Ngoh leung
Sui hoi sam
Do ya sau gau seung

Moot yau ho gam jam wooi
Seung chan seung ngoy
Daai goh ji si yim sik

Nang jo dui oi lui
Doh lok sing pang yau

Sui sum sik

Ngor yew ngoy ching
Bat sui yiu dang dui
Bat sui dan nei wan huiy

Hing mooi jan yau chui
Bat sui yiu fan gui
Mong gei booi fan joi jui

Ngoh yiu ngoy ching
Chui wai sai gaau ya
Bat sui yat goh jong gui

Seung leun dik jing qui ga si yiuw jaang chui
Wai yau yeuk ding who daai goh hot jui

Courtesy of nuchin.com

PC Fair..Again..

The PC Fair was here at KL Convention Centre again..
Went there for the sake of walking around and running my ‘Byakugan’ eyes on the surroundings..Parked my car below Menara HLA‘s carpark..It’s FREE on Sundays..What the heck..

As soon as I arrived at KL Convention Centre..

Headed up straight to 3rd Floor where all the pretty chicks gathered around ^_^

When I entered the Hall..I was ready with my weapon..My Nokia 7610 =P

When I thought to myself to snap pics of the girls in their respective uniforms..

I don’t dare to take their pics =( It’s so sad..

I didn’t fully utilize my cam-phone..It’s so pathetic..

SIGH~~ I missed those SONY girls very much..

Put girls aside..Things are quite cheap there..

To get a Creative MP3 Player of 1GB memory..I forgot what models are those..Just costs around RM 550..

And myself..Grabbed myself a consolation prize..

I bought a 512MB RS MMC just for RM 120 for my Nokia 7610..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Yea..I know..It’s written 128MB..I forgot to snap a pic of the 512MB card before I put it into my Nokia..

Now I’ll get to enjoy and listen to many MP3 files..Muahahaha..

And also look at how many pics I could snap with my cam-phone..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Yeah..It’s written “Images left : >999″..

Means after I snap few tens of pics..I’ll still get to snap more than 999 pics..

Then I walked and I walked and I walked..

Came across a booth stall, “50 pieces of Imation CD-R for RM 35.!!”

Hmm..I thought to myself..Even if I have more than 50 pieces of CD-R at home..

What the heck..It’s quite cheap for Imation CD-R..I’ll buy another stack..Wahahaha..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then I went on looking around for pretty girls to try out my 512MB memory card..Hahaha..

And look what I found ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*This is indeed a pretty chick..But she’s camera-shy..She looked the other way when I try to snap her pic..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*This is a fren of my fren..So snapped her pic from close-range..But not quite clear though..

Crowd were pushing left and right, front and back..What do you expect..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Umm..Sorry to say this but this pic is for decoration purposes =P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And this girl with some kinda nurse-hat..

Actually I could recognised her as 1 of TARC‘s pretty chick when I’m still studying in TARC..

Surprised to see her here..Too bad the pic is blur though =(

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*This girl is my ex-coursemate in TARC.!!Unfortunately this pic is not taken by me..I snatched it from her Friendster‘s photo album..Hehehehe..Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just look at her………….FREN.!! Muahahaha.!! Her fren is indeed prettier =P

Looks like Japs to me..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Umm..Just so-so actually..This ex-coursemate of mine is actually very thin..

It’s like you can break her bones like how you break twigs..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Ooooh~~Brother..Gimme a break..

I don’t know what happened to the world now..

People now are tend to make fun of themselves for the sake of entertainment for other people..

Just look at this guy here..Just did what the lady did at GSC Midvalley (refer to previous post)..Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Locked in a cubicle with fan blowing underneath..

Trying to grab/catch flying shredded papers..

As a witness..He himself felt dumb for his own act – Not able to get much shredded papers in it.. Image hosted by Photobucket.comLucky draw..And you stand a chance to win this yellow Proton Iswara..
Well..After that..Went to Suria KLCC for some window shopping..On my way to Suria KLCC..I passed by the KLCC Park..And managed to snap these pics..
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Maxis Tower at Jalan Ampang at dawn..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1 of the Twin Towers at dawn..
Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow this is a master-piece..
Snapped this pic when I was on my way back to Menara HLA to get my car and back home at around 8pm..I’m just so proud to be a Malaysian =P

Full House.!! YES.!! Christmas.!!

Went to Midvalley with my colleagues today..I mean on Saturday..

I was driving..Together with me on the passenger seat was Aik Wai..

The movie starts at 2.15pm..We reached Midvalley at 1.25pm..

I thought, “Yea..We’ll be on time for the movie for sure..”

By the time we wanted to find carpark..Damn it..FULL HOUSE.!!

We even thought we might end up park the car at the hotel’s carpark..

RM 12 per entrance for non-hotel residents..SHIT.!!

After a few rounds in the search for my lovely carpark..

I finally parked my car on a non-clamping zone site..

And my car was not blocking any car’s way..

Able to park my car..That’s it..What the heck..

The YES (Year-End-Sale) just started and everyone is alredy rushing into the Christmas mood..

Look at the crowd bcoz of the Christmas season and YES season..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

People dressing as clowns or whatever they are..Dancing around..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Look at the crowd..Umm..Ok..You can’t see it in this small pic..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well then..Look at the beautiful decorations of the Christmas trees..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Isn’t it pretty.?? (Duh~)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Front view of the stage..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The entrance of the models/clowns/whatever they are..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Behind the scene..

Well..We went to watch ‘The Fog’ (What The Fog.?!?!)

Supposed to be a horror movie..The storyline has a similarity to ‘Ghostship’..

Conclusion.?? Anyther lame English horror movie..That’s it..

Aik Wai and I were laughing, not through out, but many of the scenes..Hahahaha..

I’m supposed that’s a horror movie.?? Duh~

Lilian was the 1 getting scared bcoz of me sitting beside her..Hahaha..

Midvalley GSC has some kinda contest or whatever..I don’t know..

You buy some meals of don’t know what and you can participate in it..

Hence..The whole contest bring forward the pic below..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here’s an insane lady whom trapped in a cubicle placed in front of the GSC Ticket Counters..

She kept grabbing those shiny-color-shredded papers as if those papers were money she had invested on the cinema tickets all these while..

Nah..Just joking..I certainly have no idea what the game is all about..

Just knew that there’s a powerful fan below that cubicle and blew those shredded papers all over the cubicle..

And the purpose.?? Just to make fun of the lady for public entertainment purposes..

Hahahaha..Certainly not..I made it up again..

Anyway..There are lots of things out of our control..Who cares what they are doing about the contest..

Walked around in a group of 8..4 guys and 4 girls..

Getting pulled into this shop..That shop..This shop..That shop..

Certainly will not interfere my ‘Byakugan’ ability to scan for pretty girls..Muahahaha..

*Definition of Yatz’s Byakugan – The ability of the eyes to be able to look around with the vision of 360 degrees (horizontal). Able to scan for pretty girls everywhere and see forth by a long distance, based on ones experiences/abilities/skills.

- Only those with enormous Chakra could perform the “Yatz Byakugan” well. With the experiences, skills, and enormous Chakra, all combined together, one could able to scan through a crowd of people to find out those pretty girls who wear short skirts, tight pants, sexy attires, or whatever it is concerned about dressing.

*Actually for those who have watched Naruto (1 of the hottest anime nowadays)..You’ll surely know that “Byakugan” is actually a Bloodline Limit ability possessed by the Hyuuga Family..Well performed by Hyuuga Clan’s genius, Hyuuga Neji..

Ofcoz..There’ll be no disappointment to you guys after the long explanation of the Yatz’s Byakugan..

Here’s what we have in Midvalley..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sexily dressed girl-promoter at OSIM shop..

Umm..I forgot where it is located..I mean which floor it is..

Should be either below or above the corner Giordano shop..

She’s not a lone-ranger here..

There’s another 1 inside..But I couldn’t get a chance to snap her pic =P

Alright..I think that’s all for my comedic post..

All of you guys..

Do wish I get to step into the KL Convention Centre for the PC Fair..

If I do visit the PC Fair..We’ll get loads of pretty girls pics..


Silent Scream..

Just helping out to support our local music..


Hey people, Silent Scream‘s first single ‘Unspoken‘ will make its radio debut on Hitz.fm this Sunday (4th Dec between 4pm-5pm).

If you like what you hear, feel free to show your support by shooting an email to jakeman@hitz.fm with a cc to silentscream@silentscream.biz.

Your support decides how often Silent Scream will be on radio!!

Spread the word www.SilentScream.biz (click on link)

Well..Apparently..1 of my fren is 1 of the member of Silent Scream..

So..Just helping out..Hehehe..

I do really like our local music though..

Bands like Disagree, OAG, Butterfingers, Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit, Jason Lo, and many others..

Local English music counting on you guys..Not to mention Too Phat..

News Chills..

Yea..We’ll talk about current issues again here..

Everyone sure knows about the China woman who got caught on video doing ear squat in naked..

It was happened in a police station lock-up..

To make things worst..The video had been distributed in a rapid flow..

On the day the news made its front-page cover of every newspaper..The Net is alredy discussing it..

Without any newspaper on my hand that day..Monday if I’m not mistaken..

Blank in my mind..Without knowing anything bout the news..

Lots of people on the Net..Lots of forum sites..Lots of blogs alredy discussing about it..

And by noon..The video was alredy on its way to numerous locations in Malaysia..

Be it the original format, 3gp, which is a format of video taken using cam-phone..

Some even converted the file into mpeg format..What a lovely move..

Just for those who doesn’t possess a cam-phone sure can’t view the original format in its computer..

The spreading of the video is a shame to the China lady..

And ofcoz..A shame and embarassment to our country, Malaysia..

Shame for the lady who is naked in the video..For everyone has a sight on her body..

Shame for our country..For such disgusting act towards the public..

If you are talking about strip-to-naked for full body check..

Alright..It’s a procedure..But why is that ear squat taking place..??

The worst thing is..It was caught in the act..

And what’s the response of the police force or the government..??

Punish the 1 whom recorded the video..

Instead of the policewoman in the video who carried out that ear squat punishment..??

Where’s the love.?? I mean..Where’s the law.??

Some might say the video had been purposedly recorded to show what is happening in the lock-up all this while..

Surprisingly..After this video incident..A few came up with their own case of so-called lock-up abuse..

Lots of questions raised upon this matter..

Now they even asked whether the lady in the video is from mainland China..

Whatever they say..In the end..Malaysia still the 1 who gets ashamed..

Another news..I think it was from the US..

About a young couple..15 years old girl and a 15 years old guy I think..

The 15 years old girl died bcoz of a kiss from the guy..The Death Kiss.!!

Ofcoz not..Hehe..I you have had read the news..You’ll know..

Actually the girl died bcoz of allergy..

The guy ate some peanut butter or something..Unfortunately the girl allergic of peanut..

So..There goes 1 life accidentally..Sigh~~

That’s all for this un-fascinating post..Hahahaha..