Wilber Pan & Shunza – Bu De Bu Ai

I don’t know why..I started to like this kinda song..

There’s none of Wilber Pan Wei Bo‘s songs that I like..

Especially that Wu-ha or Hu-ha..Whatever..I hate that song..

But listen to this song..It’s damn nice..

But frankly..I like this song is bcoz of the melody and rhythm..

And the most important of all..

The sweet voice of Shunza (Shun-zi)..

Anyway..Enjoy the song..

Pan Wei Bo (Wilber Pan) & Shunza
Album: Gao Shou
Bu De Bu Ai

tian tian du xu yao ni ai wo de xin si you ni cai
I love you wo jiu shi yao ni rang wo mei tian
dou jing cai
tian tian ba ta gua zui bian dao di shen mo shi zhen ai
I love you dao di you ji fen shuo de bi xiang xiang geng kuai
shi wo men gan qing feng fu tai kang kai huan shi you shang tian an pai
shi wo men ben lai jiu shi na yi pai huan shi she bu de tai guai
shi na yi ci yue ding le mei you lai rang wo ku de xiang xiao hai
shi wo men ji zhu zheng ming wo cun zai huan shi bu ai hui fa zai baby

bu de bu ai fou ze kuai you cong he er lai
bu de bu ai fou ze bei shang cong he er lai
bu de bu ai fou ze wo jiu shi qu wei lai
hao xiang shen bu you ji bu neng zi ji hen shi bai
ke shi mei tian du guo de jing cai


I ask girlfriend how you been lai qu le ji hui
wo cong lai mei you xiang guo ai qing hui bian de ru ci wu nai

shi ming yun ma nan dao nan guo shi shang tian de an pai mei ban fa
tian tian de mei tian de xin si dao di you shui lai pei

wo cheng xin ni cheng yi dan zhou zao rao ren de huan jing shi zhong
rang wo men wu fa zai zhe li zi you xiang lian

wo jing cai ni fa dai liang ke xin bu an de yao bai
ying gai you de wei lai shi fou zhen de na mo de wu fa qi dai

she bu de zai shang hai You’re my girl my girl my friend How much I love you so so much baby

kan zhu ni ai chou yao wo ru he zen mo cheng shou mian dui
I’m sorry you’re my sweetheart My love My one&only baby

chorus2 chorus

hui bu hui you yi dian wu nai
hui bu hui you yi dian tai kuai
ke shi ni gei wo de ai rang wo yang cheng le yi lai
xin zhong chong man ai de jie pai


Courtesy of nuchin.com

76 thoughts on “Wilber Pan & Shunza – Bu De Bu Ai

  1. im malay n dun even know a word in the songs except i love you…

    i love this song very2 da much
    but do this song hav the eng version lyrics
    ok then got to go

  2. bella >> i don’t think there’s any english version of it at the moment..if there is 1, the europeans and americans sure have been listening to it alredy..
    see u around :)

  3. so i basically think this song is amazing. i first heard it while watching the Back Dormitory Boy’s videos. where they lipsync. i think Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin are most incredible. and i read that they’re very popular because of their videos. but anyways. i love this song and Xuan Zi’s voice. ( the girl ) — i downloaded the song in both it’s orginal language and in english. now i sing it all the time. it’s on my ipod and my friends tell me that i sound like Xuan Zi… my singing voice is high pitched like hers. ( saprano 1 ) — and i’m american. lol.

  4. Hi I´m Maggie from Argentina, i gotta say I love this song its been my obsession since i hear it like a month ago, I ve download both versions english and chinese ( or mandarin ) . greetiings from ARGENTINA to you all.

  5. hi
    LOVE this song .i live in Australia but iam part chinese and grew up in Singapore but my madrin is a bit rusty so i only understand parts of it.still it is a cool song there is a english version of this song it’s on you tube. so is the one the back dorm boys version that one is really funny.

  6. hi it’s me again can someone PLEASE tell me where ican download both chinese and english vesion of this song for free?? thanx

  7. Hi there, i have the english version of this song.
    i luv luv luv it. I’m from holland.
    But i’m searching for the lyric. My best friends understand it
    but he cant explain it to me. If you can find it, would you
    send me a mail so i can copy it ?


    Ps : are there chords for the guitar? it’s soo beautiful !

  8. omg. my cuzin just gave me a random song and i listened to it. And then i fell in love with this song. I keep listening to it over and over again. thx for the lyrics man! or er girl! lol

  9. Can u tell me what the title of the english version? I cant find it. Or can u send me the english version to my email? Thanks alot!

  10. chinadoll >> sorry, i dun have the english version..

    Rochelle >> not quite sure about the lyrics in english..sorry

    mysterious >> i’m a guy..duuuh

    Terry >> sorry but i dun have the english version..

  11. Umm..i wanna say something…i’m chinese and i wanna say that i think -bu de bu ai- means if its not worth it din’t love…o.O just my instinct

  12. alysca >> sorry couldn’t help you on that..perhaps you want to read through the comments here..they might help you..

    Gin0iz3 >> try look through the comments :)

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