The Reunion.??

Well..I don’t if this is what we called reunion..

Met with some IDC guys when we try to collect our pay last Friday..

After that..We went to hang around at Sungei Wang..

There’s a new eat place on Level 3 of Sungei Wang..Yea..The IT place..

It’s called Marche World or something like that..

It’s decoration is quite unique and such a nice ambience..

This is how the place looks like..

Image hosted by

That’s the entrance..Behind that small Christmas tree..

Image hosted by

Look at the nice ambience..

Image hosted by

This the place where we can buy foods and drinks..

Image hosted by

Umm..See for yourself..

Image hosted by

There’s Adeline ordering her food..Why is Wei Ling so happy.?? (left)

Image hosted by

Here’s the ABC/Ais Kacang..

Image hosted by

Look at this rojak..Looks like nice..But not my cup of tea..

Image hosted by

Followed the foot-steps of 1 Station and many other cafes..

The provide game sets like this UNO Stacko, Chess, Trump Card and many more..

Image hosted by

Whose hand is that.??

Other than these..They have Playstation 2 for you to play..

And also..Nice couch to sit and sleep around..

It’s not necessary that you need to order food/drink to sit there..

It’s just like normal food court..You can sit there without order anything..

But there’s something weird about this place..

When you enter..They’ll give a piece of ‘ordering card’ or something..I don’t know what it is called..

When you want to order your food or drink..You need that card to be stamped for every single order..

You’ll only pay when you want to leave that place..

CAUTION.!! Do not lost that card..Or you’ll be penalise for RM 100.!!

That’s all..Adios..

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