Smokey Hazy Haze..

Sorry for this late post..It has been quite some time since my last post..

Quite busy and tired to post up an article these few days..

Alright..Let’s talk about damn smokey hazy haze..

It has been a hectic day for KL and Selangor residents..

As everyone knows..KL and Selangor had been hit by THICK HAZE since 2 weeks ago..

So we were like living in a ghostly city with haze everywhere..

Not even a single drop of rain fall from the sky..

Even the human-made rain couldn’t wash off the haze maybe just a single inch..

Imagine how thick it was..

A nice view of KL can be seen from the balcony of my house..Was blocked by the haze..

Nothing can be seen..The KL Tower..Berjaya Times Square..Maybank..And whatever it is..

Nothing but smokey hazy haze..

Imagine this..

As soon as you step out from your house door..

Your whole body will captured the stinky smell of the smoke of the haze..

That’s what happened to me for the past 2 weeks..

Went out for lunch..An underground foodcourt at UOA..

Apparently..The haze sneaked through into the foodcourt..Damn it..

Thanks to the Indonesians back in their stupid Indonesia country..

They burn the forests and crop lands to clear off the whole thing..

Instead of chop or graze off those things..

Fortunately..The haze suddenly just disappeared just like that..

Plus a few days of heavy rain..The sky is now crystal clear..

You get all the sunlight that you want when you can’t get any during the hazy days..

You get all the sweat from your body bcoz of the weather..

Anyway..It’s good for now..

When the Air Pollution Index (API) doesn’t reach the critical state we still need to go to work and study..

Why not go out with the sunlight above instead of stinky smokey hazy haze..Right.??

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