Blog Updates..

I’ve got the pics that I took during Bee Yan’s birthday..

Click on Bee Yan’s B-day (click on link) will lead you to my‘s Photo Album..

In fact..I’ve created another section on the side column..

I’ve created “My Photo Albumz” section located just above the tagboard/chatterbox..

You can just click on the albums’ name and it’ll bring you to my photo albums..

Bcoz of the small bandwidth provided by the server,, I have to link my pics to other web photo community.. provides 1 of the convenient web photo community..

Although it has limit on the uploads..But you get to upload again the next month as it limited to 50 pics per month..

Anyway..Check on that section for pics..

It might not have lots of albums or pics in it as I just started that section..

I’ll try to get more pics to upload in it..

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