Milla Jovovich Rocks Resident Evil..!!

Finally..I had watched Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse..!! Yeah.!!

Alright..this time I won’t talk about the movie contents..If u guys want to talk about the contents with me..Let’s talk about it in the comment section,k..

I’ll just have a brief talk on it..In case for those who can’t watch movies because of studying abroad or what..

Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse starts where it ends in the 1st Resident Evil..

The character remains..Lovely girl Milla Jovovich as Alice..who used to work for Umbrella Corporation..

Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine..the main character in the game Resident Evil..

Raccoon City is all messed up because of the T-Virus..all the people in Raccoon City become zombie..

The bad guy in the game Resident Evil..Nemesis appears in this sequel..

Ok..that’s all..Whoa..After all these movies i had watched..I’m kinda like addicted to movies..

Since my break started last month..I had watched 6 movies til now..

Now I’m a frequent movie-goer..hahahaha..Hmm..Let’s wait for Shark Tale..Exorcist – The Beginning..a prequel to the exorcist..The Incredibles..

Salute To The Great Firefighter~Jack Morrison – Ladder 49

Hello’s blog-time again..

Well..nothing special happened these previous few post for it..but it’s a different story now..I got a new story..

Ladder 49..for those who doesn’t know what it is..It’s a new movie..It’ll be premier on local cinemas on 14th October 2004..

KLCC alredy having a few shows a day..some kinda sneak previews..So..I watched it just now..Just came back from KLCC watching the movie..

Ladder 49..a movie about firefighters (we call it fireman in Malaysia)..It’s something like Hong Kong Chinese Drama – Burning Flame..

Ladder 49 starring John Travolta..Joaquin Phoenix..and a guy i don’t know what’s his name..umm..the guy in X-Files..not Fox Mulder..the guy after Mulder‘s death..

Anyway..this movie, Ladder 49..concentrates more on Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix)..John Travolta as Captain Mike..

Jack Morrison..begun his firefighter career as a rookie..he works with the Baltimore Fire Department..and has a great headman..Captain Mike..

He’s doing fine with his the hoseman..responsible for putting out the fire..

He meets his wife..Linda Morrison (hmm..quite pretty though)..together with his best-fren..Denise (a guy..also a firefighter..)

One’s very unfortunate for Denise..Jack’s best-fren..he fell down into a collapsing building while doing his job..

It’s very hard for Jack and the other members of Engine 33 (it’s the number of the fire-truck they used) and Ladder 49 (the number of their battalion)..

From that moment onwards..Jack decided to shift his job..from a a truckman (runs into the fire and rescue victims)..

He tries his best to save a way he shows his respect to his best-fren..Denise..

Until 1 day..Tommy..1 of the crew into accident..some hot steam blew to his face at a very high force and momentum..

Tommy‘s face become so bad..that they need to use dead people’s skin to save his face..

Jack traumatised by the 2 incidents..questioning himself..whether to continue as a truckman to save lifes..or be as a chief assistant at the headquater as Captain Mike recommended..

Anyway..Jack still continue his truckman trauma..until 1 day..the Christmas Day..

He saves 1 life..and being honoured for his bravery to save life on Christmas Day..

After that..he’s happy with his truckman job..and without any fear..he’s 1 great firefighter.. a firefighter..risks are still exist anywhere at anytime..

A tall-building broke into fire..and it’s a great fire..with flames and explosion from every corner of the building..

Making it hard to put out the fire..but..there are victims inside the burning’s the firefighters’ job to put out the fire and save lifes..

Jack together with other crew members of Ladder 49..charged into the look for victims..

Because of the fire..other crew members need to rescue the people out of the building..left Jack alone trying to find the remaining 1 victim..

He found him..and rescued him through the firetruck’s safety ladder..

But explosion burst out and the walls and floors in the building collapse..and Jack Morrison fell back into the building..Just to rescue a life..

He says to the frigthen victim, “I’m not going before u go..”

Because of that..he himself got into trouble..resulting the other crew from other battalions help out to find Jack..trapped inside the building, injured..

Captain Mike himself commanded the rescue team..because Jack is 1 of his best-fren..and among the best of the best..

It is so close for the rescue team to rescue Jack out from the flaming building..after lots of efforts from Jack to try to save himself..

He needs to crawl and break walls to get to another room for an easier rescue mission..

But..a hot and high burning flame between the door..where the rescue team is..and the room..where Jack is..

It caused problem for them to reach the flames of fire is very very hot and thick to get through..

So..Jack decided to let his teammates to go..letting him burn inside..rather than burning other lifes..

By using walkie-talkie..Jack told tell his wife, Linda..that he always loves her.. ~sob sob sob~..

I began try cry at this do others who are watching with me.. ~sob sob sob~..

He risked his save a man..Captain Mike also knows the outcome..

So..he decided to retreat his rescue team..and the burning goes on.. ~sob sob sob~ =’( ~ iskh ~ iskh ~ iskh ~..

And there’s the funeral ceremony..i creid again.. ~sob sob sob sob~..

Jack Morrison..I salute him as 1 of the greatest firefighter ever.. /(‘ ‘)

If everyone be careful not to let things like this happened..there’ll be peace everywhere in the world and no life risks..

I can’t stop holding my tears even when i write this blog.. ~sob sob sob~

This movie makes me think of Armageddon.. ~sob sob sob~..

I’m signing off here.. ~sob sob sob~

Malaysian Idol Grand Finale..!!

Hello everyone..I’m Jien..yup..I’m Jien..not Soo Kui Jien..but Yat Guo Jian..muahahahaha..!!! {I know I’m not as good-looking as him.. =( ..}

Now..I’m the host for the Malaysian Idol Grand Finale tonight..the DJ battle, err…i mean the singing battle between Jac and Johorian Dina..

We are here at Genting Highlands Arena Of Stars…It’s very crowded here..full of Jac‘s and Dina‘s supporters…

It’s very hard to see this kinda atmosphere..everyone is here to watch free world-class singing competition..

Umm..who’s on the red carpet over there.??

Ooh.!! It’s Sarimah..Man Bai..VE..By’U..Flop Poppy..Sasi The Don..Phlowtron (I dun think they watched the previous episodes..)..and the newly-crowned Miss Malaysia Gloria Ting (if i’m not mistaken..)

Let’s go to the see our own Idol finalists..Jac and Dina..they sure are very nervous right now..

And our critics..Bang Roslan (Roslan Aziz – producer of R.A.P[Roslan Aziz Production])..Kak Jee (Fauziah Latiff – singer)..and Uncle Paul (Paul Moss – producer of Positive Tone..) did a poll or some kinda survey on this morning, the Friday morning..Which Judge the Malaysians would like to keep for the next season of Malaysian Idol..

Believe it or not..for about 70%..Paul Moss got the most supports to be one of the judge in the next season..

Everyone says he’s a real judge to be at the criticise a person who sang real bad..I mean..he’s very honest in every words..

Something like “You’re HORRIBLE.!!”…or..”You are there, and I’m hoping for more..but in the ruined the whole thing..but it’s still good..”

Alright..let’s get back to Genting..the atmosphere is really, really great..dun you think Aleya..(huh.?!?! I really do sound like a host..muahahaha..)

We sent some crews to JB to meet up with Dina‘s great supporters..and they are the JB‘s Harley Davidsons bikers..

They really did sent lots of..lots of..lots of SMSes..1 of them even said..”Yup..the cost of the SMSes i sent approximately could be as the same cost as the bike that he owns..” (a Harley Davidsons-type of bike could maybe costs around RM80,000.??)

Let’s go to Dataran Merdeka to meet up with Jac‘s supporters..A girl..i think around the age of early 20s..spent hundreds of ringgits to vote for Jac..

So..who do u think will be our very 1st winner of the 1st season of Malaysian Idol..?? Could it be Jac.?? Or could it be Dina.??

Ok..let’s start the show with a performance from the voted out Top 12 finalists..

Umm..let me recall back,k..There’re Andrew..Vick..Victor..Nikki..Saiful..Fadzli..Sufiah..Rydiana..Zamil..Fahmy..and ofcoz the 2 finalists Jac and Dina..

On the performance..Victor looked quite stupid..jumping around here and there with his lively performance with Saiful-the-pondan..

And still..Andrew still looked like a stone..he was like..”Izzit my turn to sing now.? Or no.? My turn.? No.? Yes.? No.? Yes.? No.? “

“Never mind..I’ll just stand in the back row..noone will notice me if I’m standing at the back row..muahahahaha..

Ok.!! That’s all for the performance..Now the stage is belongs to Jac and Dina..

Dina starts 1st with Gemilang..a song composed by the Malaysian Idol‘s band crew..

Umm..It sounds okla..coz never heard of it before..a specially composed song for the Grand Finale..

Then it’s Jac‘s turn..she sang Tunggu Sekejap by the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee.. sounds better than the way she sang during 1 of the previous finals..(this song is picked by the judges..)

Then it’s Dina again..with..Jelingan Manja by Saloma..It sounds ok with her attire..knee-length skirt..hahaha..(this song is picked by Dina herself)

It’s Jac’s turn with When I Fall In Love by Nat King comment on this song..but the judges like it very much..(picked by Jac herself)

The last song and last attempt by Dina..Blu Cantrell‘s Hit ‘Em Up Style..

Umm..the only song she has confidence in..but..too bad..she didn’t follow the rhythm much..didn’t sing..or..didn’t scream to the tune..

Even Uncle Paul and Kak Jee said she didn’t put too much effort in that song..’ on..this is the Final..not any stupid audition anymore..(hmm..I think I can be 1 of the judges next season..hahahaha..)

Shining-star, Jac‘s last attempt to rock Dina‘s popularity..Jac sang Gemilang..a choice of the programme itself..

Well..I must say that..Jac..You Rocks.!!! You Are Great.!!! You Could Be The Next Fantasia.!! You Could Be Our Very Own Malaysian Version of Whitney Houston.!!

She gave it all out in this song..and she sang like a real superstar..Even Abang Roslan said..Jac, you are not a super-star…You are a Super-Duper-Star.!!!”

Kak Jee said..”You are doing very great.!!”..and Uncle Paul said..”You did a spectacular performance..Thanks.!!”

What more can I say..??? It’s definitely Jac the greatest of them all…she got the voice to attract people’s attention..she’s really really good..

So..the show ended with a performance by Jac and Dina pairing up to sing R. Kelly‘s I Believe I Can Fly..

Vote for your Idol..Our very 1st batch of Malaysian Idol..Vote it wisely.!!! You just have 1 day to vote..So don’t waste your time..

That’s all folks..So..tune in to Saturday night..9th of October on 8TV and 8.30pm and 9pm respectively..

Chiaoz..I’m Jien..and Leya..(buahahahahaha..)..See you guyz tomorrow..

Boring 1st Week Of New Semester…

~Sigh~...What a boring 1st week of this new semester..I really can’t imagine a college life would be like this..

As I said..i rushed to college on the 1st day just to copy down the that I could attend the classes..

But..although i’m in the 2nd’s my 1st time to be in college on the 1st week..

I’m late for 2 weeks for last don’t know what is it looked like on the 1st week or 1st day..

So..the classes were boring..the lecturers just do some briefings..then the class ends..

So..the same thing happened today..I rushed from my house in Cheras to TARC at attend my class at 1pm..

I reached TARC at 12.55pm..I thought i’m not gonna late for the class..I walked as fast as I can to the DK-Y lecture hall..

When I reached the library..I saw lots of pretty girls coming out from the lecture halls..Fewwwwit..

Until I saw my coursemate,Karen walked the opposing direction..I asked her why u came out from the hall..??

She said..”Go home-lah..class cancel liao..Lecturer got meeting..” What the @#$%^&* ..!!!

I’m there just in time..just to know that the class is cancelled..~sigh~..

Ooh..what to do..have to wait for the next class at’s a 3 hours class..and it’s in the lab..

So I thought I won’t be disappointed this time..We waited at Canteen 2 just to let the time pass-by..

Yey..!! 1.55pm..we went to Block C..located just beside the Canteen 2..

As we reached room C300..the lab assistant opened the lab-door for us..obviously the lecturer is still not arrived yet..

So we sit and waited in the lab..for about 3 minutes..the lecturer came..I think his name is Mr Tan Nee Lik..

He just told us..what we need to do this semester is Timer 555 and Op-Amp on the 1st 7 weeks..and PCB (dunno what Circuit Board) on the remaining 7 weeks..

That’s all..class ends..All of us was like..HUH.?!?!?!?! THAT’S ALL.?!?!?!

It took him for just less than 2 minutes..for a 3 hours class..

And there we go again..being conned by the went home..looked frustrated on the outside..happy on the inside..MUAHAHAHAHA..!!

Here I am got nothing to write this blog..hahaha..

Boring 1st Week Of New Semester…

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The Saga Continues..

Today is the 1st day of the new semester of 2nd semester of 2nd year..after a period of 3 weeks semester break.. So..I’m going to continue my studies in TARC‘s School Of Technology (SOT) Diploma in Engineering..duh..hahaha..I arrived at college at i stepped down from my car..I saw lots of chics stepping down from TAR College buses..

Oooh..I miss this situation a we walked into the campus..passing by yucky Canteen 2.. =P

The 1st thing to do..go to SOT’s notice board to look for the stupid timetable..if not..why am I so early..hehe..

As expected..the place was crowded like a jar of honey with an army of ants..hahaha..all of them copying their timetables..

So I met up with my coursemate..Raymond..He’s alredy there copying like everyone else..

So..the 1st class we gonna have is..Mr Henry‘s Maths V(5)..a tutorial class of 2 hours..but..this is my 1st time..I didn’t know that they don’t have tutorial classes on the 1st week..

We ended up hanging around at Canteen 2..Raymond was eating his breakfast..I was doing my usual job there..looking at chics everywhere..hahahaha..

When we were chatting..and spying around..i saw my fren Song Feng..wandering around alone..

So I say hello to him..and we sat together at Canteen

At about 10am..William and Ah Yaw showed up together..then we were chatting just like we were having a gathering..until around 10.50am..

Ben and Jason still at their hometown..Alor Setar,Kedah and Sarawak respectively..on their way coming back to KL today..

We need to leave for my next class at 11am..Electrical & Electronic Engineering..taught by Miss Lim DK-A..

So..Song Feng went to CIT to online to use up his extra-times..waiting for the next class at 1pm..and he wrote a blog there..hahaha..

I thought the 1st lecture was just some simple briefings..but it ended up Miss Lim began to teach the 1st chapter..Diode..

As usual..I was like trying to give 100% attention to the usual too..ended up putting my head on the table with my eyes half-closed..~YAWN~

The class ended at usual..LUNCH TIME at TBR..!!! we were just relaxing..waiting for the next lecture class at 4pm..~YAWN~

By the time we left TBR..I met Fei Choon..with her boyfren..hahaha..her boyfren quite tall..something like me..can u imagine Fei Choon with a guy with a height like me..Hmmm..

So we headed back to college..William going back to his house to sleep..Raymond and Ah Yaw going to library to find some books..

And for me..I went to CIT to check on results..haha..and also chics..muahahaha..

I was sitting there at 1.50pm until 3.50pm..2 hours..and I still got 470 plus hours for me to use.. spend my times..I wrote half of this blog at CIT..and now i’m writing at home..nothing to do..

I’d checked my mails..checked the footballs..checked Yahoo! Fantasy Football..checked my only thing to do is..continue to write blogs..hahahaha..

OK..back to the college..we got a lecture class at went to DK-1..all of us waited there..for about 20 minutes..??

Then..the course rep told us..Mr Tan..the 1 who is teaching on leave..back home..YEAH.!! I am back at home writing this stupid blog..hahahaha..umm..hope to continue some at night..see ya later..

A Whole New Semester..

Tomorrow..will start the new semester of’s my 2nd year of Diploma’s 2nd semester..

And I still don’t know the timetable for the new I think i need to go to college at the earliest time..8am..

Just in case if I have a morning class..if not..I’ll just do my routine as usual..sleep in the study-room until lunch time..

Quite tired today..went out the whole day yesterday..went to Sg Wang in the afternoon..with..who else..Hikaru of course..and new partner..Petrol..

At 1st..Hikaru wanted to buy a polo-T..which he spotted last week..but..after we went to a few shops..they don’t have the shirt anymore..

Thought of going to Times Square to have a look..but..before going there..I thought of finding my fren, Ji-ann 1st before we left Sg Wang..

Since Hikaru wanted to buy a new handphone..there’s a model he was attracted..a LG G7050..quite brand new..

Quite small..with savvy look..push down-up key-pad cover..with built-in camera..just cost RM750..what de heck..quite cheap for a camera-phone..

So..he bought it after thinking it for quite some times..thanx to me for persuading him to buy..haha..

At night..we went to play futsal again..but at Sri Petaling..the court sux..and it’s expensive..

Don’t know who the hell recommend that stupid place..argh..just forget about it..back to the college story..

I hope I can concentrate more this I just have 6 subjects..compared to 8 subjects last sem..

And I need to join a sports club or society to fulfill the college’s condition of completing 2 credit hour (I don’t know what’s that about.?!)..

I have to say goodbye to Hikaru..can’t accompany him or get his companion in the next few months..

So..hope to see him during his classes of Pengajian Malaysia..can u imagine..just 1 class each week for 4 weeks..and just 2 hours for each class..

I can meet up with my coursemates again..Raymond..Ben..William..Jason..and Ah Yaw..and also some girls..Sian Yean and Karen..

Hmm..hope to hangout with them more this sem..they had some quite boring-life though..

I myself also had some boring-life too these few days..hope the new sem will bring some sunshine to me..hehe.. about is’s the result day of the Malaysian Idol..

There’re 3 of them..Vick the Chinese..Jac the Indian..and Dina the Malay..Andrew was voted out last week..AT LAST..!! (muahahaha..)

And for today’s result..Vick voted out by the tribal council (huh.?!)..I mean by the Malaysians..

With Jac got the most votes..Vick and Dina are just 1% difference to enter the finale at Genting (i think..)..

Umm..I think Jac got the most probability to win the 1st ever Malaysian enter the World Idol to meet with American Idol Fantasia and Australian Idol Guy Sebastien (who is actually a

Anyway..Dina is also a good performer..quite spontaneous out u all..her mother is a police officer back in JB..

And there’s a new reality TV show on-screen..The’s about business-man/woman..trying to survive in the business world or something like that..

What I hope now is to watch the Season 10th of Friends..the very last season..and that’s the end of the Friends saga..

Anyway..need to go to sleep now..need to wake up early the next time.. :’(  ..~sob~sob~

So..hope to catch up with u all and hope u all will catch up with my college life..chiaoz..