What An Embarrassment..

Well..Ah Yaw and i went for the Sports’ Carnival basketball selection on Thursday evening at 4pm..

Umm..We thought of joining for fun..as we didn’t play basketball for quite a while..

When we were at the basketball court..just around 6 people from my course (DEL2) turned up..trying out their shots..

So..I thought..aaaah..what the heck..Just cancel the selection..just a few of us..how can we select from it..

By the time around 4.30pm..a bunch of big-sized guys sitting on the bench with basketball attires (sleeveless shirts and short pants)..

Then they came and play with us..in a sudden..they made a match on a random teammate selection basis..

So..They played..I thought they were just playing for fun..since the ball is theirs..

After a while..I asked my not-so-close coursemate..

Umm..How’s the selection goes..?? He said..The selection is selecting people from a same course..from Certificate until the Advanced Diploma 2nd year..

WHAT DE #$%^&*!@! ..!!! I thought we were playing for our course..DEL2..

The competition would be matches between all courses from all years (e.g. DEL1..DEL2..AELE1..AELE2) in SOT..

But..nooo..The competition are matches between Electronic..Mechatronic..Material..Quantity Survey..Building..and some other courses in SOT..

So..it’s not my turn to play in the competition..They were all so skillful..playing fast and pacy strategy..

So..about 5.30pm..that’s the time about to rain..We left college headed back home..

Stupid me..~sigh~..

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