Wonderful Night..

Yesterday night..I went to play futsal with my frens at Sri Petaling..

When we reached there..we saw a girl sitting there watching a bunch of guys playing in 1 of the courts..

It quite hard to see girls sitting at a futsal court or football field watching their boyfriends playing..

This time around..the girl is a pretty girl..very nice-looking..and very very very nice body..

Umm..her body is like..Pamela Anderson..It’s not looked like Pamela actually..just a comparison..

Her face is pretty..long straight-hair..quite thin..not tall or short..can say got the petite look..nice butt..hehehe..and of course..the most important part..her boobs..

When you look at her..it’s just like..around 36-38D..or even mayb DD..can you imagine what I try to say bout her nice body..?!?!

She’s just like an AV (Adult Video) actress..daaaaaaaaaaaamn nice..sluuuuuurp..

How proud, happy and enjoy to be her boyfriend..

Luckily I joined my buddies..if not..I’ll miss the chance of a lifetime to see such girl in KL..aaah~~~

Hope to see her again or meet someone else with the same looking..chiaow..

Wonderful Night..

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