For Your Info…’m going to tell you all about my blog..Other than I’m posting my blogs and chatting in the chatter-box..

You can post comment on the end of every blog..and..for those who don’t know..Every time i post a blog..the time i post the blog will be stated at the bottom of every blog..

Besides that..there’re some announcements on the Side Section..which is below the chatter-box..

So..the new announcement is..Niam Ming Hong and the gang..i mean Bee Yan..Rachel..Sin Yin..and others..on 31st of October 2004..

For other announcements..check on the Side Section on Announcements..

And below the side section..there’re the Link Section..

You can click on the links stated..straight away enter the links..

There’re 2 other bloggers around..Song feng and my coursemate..Raymond..and I think there’re some more to come..

For those who received e-mail from I had put your e-mail address in my notification..

When there’s a new blog i posted will be notified with e-mail from

So..that’s all for today..hope I’ll watch some new movies to talk about..MUAHAHAHAHAH..!!!

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